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With only one vote against, the 22nd DAA Board agreed not to sign a contract for 2019 gun shows.

They directed staff to propose a policy for the future which:

  • Considers the feasibility of conducting gun shows for only educational
    and safety training purposes and bans the possession of guns and
    ammunition on state property
  • Aligns gun show contract language with recent changes in state and
    federal law
  • Details an enhanced security plan for the conduct of future shows
    Proposes a safety plan
  • Considers the age appropriateness of such an event

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NeverAgainCA took our inspiration from the Parkland Students, who asked each of us to be involved in ending gun violence.

Gun Show Protest Documentary

Film and editing by Colin Sharpe


NeverAgainCA is a grass roots organization which welcomes all individuals who want to end gun violence through legislation, education and activism. There are no fees or dues. 

We adopted the NeverAgain slogan from the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. We support the student cry for moral leadership. We support the end of gun shows.

We believe in the First and Second Amendments.